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2014 Tattoo Year Letter - D
2013 Tattoo Year Letter - C
2012 Tattoo Year Letter - B

If it is your dream to become involved in the Boer Goat Industry, the American Boer Goat Association (ABGA) is a great start to your journey! Since 1993, over 30,000 goat producers have selected ABGA as their partner in the Boer Goat Industry. ABGA is a full-service breed association providing opportunities in marketing, education, breeding genetics, commercial industry and youth.


The 2014 ABGA/JABGA National Show Entry Form has been updated to help with pen assignments.  Please utilize this form for ALL  entries being submitted.

Click Here for the form.


The Judges for the
2014 ABGA National Show are
Anton Ward
Scott Pruett
Sherri Stephens

ALTERNATE is:  Roger McSwain
The Judge for the
2014 JABGA Show is
Josh Taylor

ALTERNATE is:  Kurt Henry

The Minutesfrom the 
March 14-15 Face-to-Face Meeting
of the ABGA Board of Directors
are posted
Here is a link



FOR THE NATIONAL SHOW:    Goats must be registered in the JABGA member's name only, and all goats that are not bred and owned over the age of ninety (90) days must be in the individuals name ninety (90) days prior to being exhibited at a JABGA sanctioned show.
                    THE FIRST JABGA SHOW
                    AT THE NATIONAL SHOW
                  IS ON TUESDAY, JUNE 10.


The Preferred Tattoo Letter for 2014 is D





1.     Order the Test Sample Kit online at the DNA Testing Center under the Online Tab on the ABGA Website.  

You can also call the office for a request form, or forms can be downloaded from the ABGA website.

2.     You will receive the DNA Sample Kit by email if you provided an email address.  If not, you will receive the Sample Kit by regular US mail.

3.     Review the information on both pages and verify that it is correct.  Fill in the information that is requested, and sign where indicated.  Put the sample in a clean, unused envelope and label the envelope with the goat’s registration number and Sample ID from the form.  Attach the envelope to the form that goes to UC Davis VGL.

4.     Send the sample to VGL.  Send the confirmation to ABGA.

5.      As soon as test has been done and returned to ABGA, a copy of the results and a sticker containing the registration number, Sample ID and VGL Case# to affix to the upper right hand corner of the registration paper will be sent to you.

                                      HERE IS THE LINK:    DNA TEST CENTER.



 2014 ABGA Certified Judges Confirmation

Your American Boer Goat Association is pleased to bring forward 10 newly certified judges.  These deserving individuals will be added to the Certified Judges list and are available for your upcoming ABGA event immediately.  They have not just passed a rigorous course, they excelled!  So contact any of the following with confidence that you will receive a professional, knowledgeable, judge to represent your show and the association.


Catherine Riley

Morgan Hallock

Sammy Lerena

Mark Henry

Jason Brashear

Thomas H. Redden

Pat L. Ariaz

Josh Stephans

Nick Hammet

Rusty Lee

Tabulation results will be e-mailed to all participants using the email address on file with ABGA office.  If you would like to request a different mailbox, please contact Mark Anderson @ fandhranch@aol.com.  Once again, congratulations from your ABGA Board of Directors and best regards to all!

 2014 ABGA Judge Certification Course

It is with a great deal of satisfaction that we, the Judge Certification Committee, are allowed to present to the Board of Directors of the ABGA a list of judge candidates to be approved.

This year’s course marked a new and challenging direction for the program.  A large portion of the objective was to be mobile, an “ABGA On The Go” concept.  We feel that this program was proof positive that this model could effectively and efficiently be accomplished, and a direction well worth pursuing.  Other goals that met or exceeded expectations included being highly interactive, one-on-one instruction opportunities, and education. Education played the highest value card.   We have been humbled by the quality and talent level of the judge applicants that chose to share their skills at the 2014 ABGA Judge Certification Course.  

As with anything that involves the human element, opinion, controversy, and opposition will always be variables in a complicated equation of equality and fairness.  Our certification course proved to be no exception.  Through no lack of effort or expertise of a highly skilled and esteemed judge/instructor panel there still was present an element of debate, albeit unwitting, that presented itself during the final evaluation portion of our program.  In order to maintain a fair and level field of play, the judge committee removed any negative effect that this singular situation might have played in the overall evaluation of the candidates. The fair and correct resolution brought forward deserving individuals as judge candidates to the Board of Directors. 

We are proud and pleased with our committee, judge panel, and Board of Directors for ambitiously seeking a solution set that resulted in the fair and impartial selection of our judge nominees.  We look forward to their prompt Board approval when they will be announced by name. 

In your service, 

Scott Pruett

Chair—ABGA Judge Committee

The next Face-to-Face Meeting
of the Board of Directors
will be held from July 18-19 in Indianapolis, Indiana


The Annual General Membership Meeting
of the American Boer Goat Association
will be held Wednesday, June 11, 2014 at 8:00 PM Central time
at Fonner Park, in Grand Island Nebraska.

Agenda items must be submitted to the Executive Committee
not less than 60 days prior to the meeting.

Signs will be posted in the Cattle Barn and Exhibition Hall
giving the Location of the Meeting.

2014 Election of Directors

Regions 3, 4, 7, 10, 11, 14, 15 and 16 will conduct elections for director in 2014.

Articles about each candidate who submitted information can be found in the March/April issue of the Boer Goat Magazine

            ABGA PRESIDENT’S LETTER February, 2014

To our Members:

2014 is going to be a busy year for our association and is already off to a running start. Jeff Gibbs and I attended the American Goat Federation Annual Meeting in Charleston, South Carolina, on January 25
th. Our input was solicited regarding a goat checkoff and other activities that would benefit our members. They plan to have a day of educational seminars at the annual meeting next year for members.

The ABGA Board of Directors has voted to implement several new projects. One of those involves DNA testing of all bucks being used to produce percentage or fullblood Boer kids that are being registered. The program will be voluntary in 2014, and become mandatory January 1, 2015.

While the new database will not be finished for several months, work continues and the website is scheduled to go live on July 1, 2014.

Scott Hawthorne the director from Region 11 resigned and the board replaced him with Jessie Cornelius. The Board removed Linda West as director from Region 7 and the Board replaced her with Earl Peacock. Details are available in the minutes of the December meeting. Both regions will be up for reelection this year to complete the director’s terms as per the By-Laws. The Board took disciplinary actions against two members: Dakota Smith and Betty Peterson. Details are listed on the Disciplinary page of the ABGA website.

A committee was formed to develop criteria for a Mentor Program that would allow members to volunteer to assist new adult and youth members. Also, a committee is working on the feasibility of forming family membership and the effect that it will have on the ability to show in JABGA sanctioned shows.

Sponsor tables for the National Show will be auctioned online this year. The face book page and website will provide further information. A National Show sub-committee will to put together a presentation on the history of the ABGA and present the 16 founding members of ABGA with the Ambassador to the Breed award during the 2014 ABGA National Show. Also, the Board voted to reinstate weighing all junior animals in the 2014 ABGA National Show and publish the information in the show program.

After requests from several members, Sara Davis and Vicki Stich will work on developing a show survey to be sent to the exhibitors to evaluate ABGA judges after each show.

All animals that were drug tested at the Tulsa State Fair ABGA show were negative for the banned substances defined by the testing agency.

The board voted to designate $1,000 to be prorated to the top four performers and $500 be designated for awards in all ABGA sanctioned performance tests. This is in addition to ennoblement points awarded based on a sliding schedule which will be developed later. The 2014 Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Livestock Evaluation Center Gain test will be sanctioned by ABGA. It includes a 70 day test period vs. the 84 day minimum currently in the ABGA rules.

Remember we have a director’s election coming up in May. Information on director candidates is in the March/April issue of the Boer Goat magazine. It’s also time to start thinking about attending our National Show in Nebraska.

Brad Mackey, President ABGA™ Board of Directors

© 2013 American Boer Goat Association

GOAT CHECK OFF Letter from the ABGA Vice President  November 26, 2013

ABGA President's Letters to All Members






USA Regions Map    

Regions 3 - 4 Detail Map             Regions 5 - 6 -7 -8 Detail Map


Reciprocal Registrations

Effective October 13, 2013 the ABGA™ will process 50% doe registrations
where the sire is unregistered and the dam is an ABGA registered Full Blood or Purebred doe.

2013 ABGA National Show
Group Class Winners

 2013 JABGA National Show
Group Class Winners  
2013 JABGA National Show
Contest Winners
 2013 JABGA National Show
Bred and Owned Winners

 2013 ABGA Scholarship Recipient's        

2013-2014 Newly Appointed ABGA Board of Director
Region 4  -  Cecil Swepston 

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