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Date 01-24-2012
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The Boer Goat July/Aug 2013 Issue

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Members receive the association's official bi-monthly magazine, The Boer Goat, as part of their membership in the American Boer Goat Association.  If there are more than one member at the same address, only one copy of the magazine will be sent to that address unless the member contacts the office.

Full of the latest ABGA news, events and programs,The Boer Goat keeps Boer goat breeders informed about what is happening at the ABGA and also provides information on health care and other issues that affect their goats.  Members can advertise and market their genetics in the magazine.  Rates are printed on the files listed at the top of this page.  Subscriptions to the magazine cost $35.00, and magazines are mailed to all current ABGA members at no charge.  

 If you have any questions or you are not a member of ABGA and would like a subscription, please contact: Jackie Lackey at 877.822.3016 or e-mail at

Please click on the links above to view the "Advertising Rates" and "Deadlines" for The Boer Goat Magazine.

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