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Ambassador of the Breed

The American Boer Goat Association honors and appreciates individuals who contribute to promoting the American Boer Goat Breed. Every year, our members nominate candidates for the ABGA's Ambassador of the Breed, who are then recognized at the ABGA & JABGA National Show.



Randy & Cindy Dusek


Don Smith


​Eddie Holland
Joetta Boyd
Carol DeLobbe
Terry Brown
MD Shurley
Ervin Chavana


No nominees due to COVID19


Coni Ross
Fred Homeyer
Joe Tipton


Bob Duke


The Ryals Family


Jim & Lynn Farmer


John & Jackie Edwards
Preston Faris


Buck Pruitt
Jane Meacham
Jimmy Day
F. Dian Newman
Kim Halfmann
Dr. Lou Nuti
Sammy Helmers
Ernest Schwartz
Don Jackman
Mary Powis
Stan Keen
Walter Pope III
Norman Kohls
Charles Turner
Mike Masters
W.E. Whitehead


Dr. Frank Pinkerton
Marvin Shurley
The Kearney Family
Dr. Frank Craddock

La Asociación Estadounidense de Cabra Boer celebra y reconoce a quienes ayudan a promover la Raza de Cabra Boer Estadounidense. ¡Felicidades a nuestros pasados y futuros Embajadores de la Raza!

2024 Ambassador of the Breed

Nominate Your Candidate! 

We are taking nominations for this year’s Ambassador of The Breed!

  • Nominations must be received by April 5, 2024.

  • Current Board members are ineligible for nomination and/or to nominate a candidate.

  • Only one (1) person, partnership, or family will be eligible per year.

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