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(All show support is at the discretion of ABGA)

The Sanctioned Show Program is designed to encourage the exhibition, marketing and promotion of ABGA percentage, purebred, and full blood Boer goats. Any show receiving ABGA sanctioning must be open to all ABGA registered Boer goats that meet the requirements of the ABGA show rules. Ennoblement points earned at ABGA Sanctioned shows will not be awarded until after the show results are received at the ABGA office.

The American Boer Goat Association, its officers, directors, agents, employees, and volunteers (hereafter collectively known as “ABGA”) shall not be held responsible for any loss, injury, or damage in connection with, arising out of, or incident to the above show. I further and hereby expressly waive all rights to claim against ABGA, and release ABGA from any liability whatsoever with respect to any injury to person, damage to, or loss of property from any cause whatsoever (expressly including ABGA’s negligence).

ABGA Sanctioned Shows will abide by and remain in accordance with the ABGA Sanctioned Show Rules and have an updated copy of the ABGA Rules and Regulations available if any problem or question should arise during the show.

ABGA Sanctioned Shows will submit a copy of scheduled classes and applicable entity rules to ABGA, per the ABGA Rules and Regulations. See Rule 1400 (I) v, provide an ABGA approved judge to judge the show, and report the judge’s name to the ABGA office no less than 30 days prior to the entry deadline.

Original registration certificates are required, except that a copy of a registration application, stamped with the date received by ABGA, can be accepted for kids less than 3 months of age. Animals over the age of 3 months must be verified as registered in the ABGA database at the time of the above show. An animal that may be verified as registered in the web-based database of ABGA will be accepted in lieu of a registration certificate. Verification must be provided by the exhibitor in either digital or print to the show secretary. JABGA ownership must be verified using the transfer history on the animal pedigree if the certificate is not provided. Goats registered in a frozen or suspended account are ineligible to exhibit in an ABGA Sanctioned Show.

In accordance with the ABGA Sanctioned Show Rules, the Show Secretary must submit show results to the ABGA office to be verified within 30 days of the conclusion of the show. The report must include the following: class, list of animals in class with placings, animal’s name, animal’s (ABGA) registration number, identifying tattoos (left and right), or microchip number, and the owner’s name.

ABGA has the right to decline or revoke sanctioning for this show at any time. The ABGA office will send notification of sanctioning approval or denial to the Show Secretary. This notification may be made to the Show Secretary’s email address, if provided.


  • Upon request, ABGA will provide division rosettes to ABGA Sanctioned shows that are independent of a fair or livestock exposition.

  • Upon request, ABGA will provide Boer goat and ABGA promotional materials to be displayed and handed out at the show.


ABGA will provide monetary support for shows connected to a fair or livestock exposition, within the following criteria:

  • The Sponsoring Organization must be a fair or livestock exposition.

  • The event must be a multi-species event.

  • Minimum prior year’s gate attendance 200,000 (documentation must be provided by the requesting organization).

  • Must provide a proposed class breakdown if the class breakdowns differ from the ABGA Class List.

  • Funding limited to one show per calendar year per fair or livestock exposition.

ABGA and JABGA Sanctioned Show Application
Download PDF • 324KB

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