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Hi, my name is Amber Schroeder. I live in Charlestown, IN. I have been raising goats since 2016 and previously raising sheep, hogs, poultry and rabbits. Currently raising 500 head of goats with my family at 2M Boer Goats. I also do photography that we use in our business for sales and more along with learning how to lap AI. 

Currently attending high school as a senior, working to get my CNA license and wanting to attend college. Being involved with my school, I serve as a leader in the Fellowship of Christian athletes and students (FCA). Previously serving as Reporter for my FFA chapter.

I enjoy working with youth, teaching them about livestock and getting them involved with contests. As passion for the industry continues to grow in every way, I’m excited to work with everyone and I can’t wait to see how I can make a positive impact on this association!

Amber Schroeder

Secretary, Area 3

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