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The United States is divided into 5 Areas for JABGA, and 2 members represent each area. Approval of implementation of programs within the Junior American Boer Goat Association is structured through a governing system consisting of the JABGA Board of Directors, youth committee, and subject to final approval by the ABGA Board of Directors.

Cecelia Knott

President, Area 2

Logan Hollen

Vice President, Area 3

Natalye Scholl

Treasurer, Area 2

Helena Almli

Secretary, Area 1

Madison Reis

Board Member, Area 1

Avery Holman

Board Member, Area 3

Alaina Blair

Board Member, Area 4

Jiles Coble

Board Member, Area 4

Casey Stevens

Board Member, Area 5

Wyatt Stevens

Board Member, Area 5

JABGA Area Map