Want to be a JABGA Member?

“I am very excited to serve as President in my second term on the JABGA Board of Directors. My first term I served as Secretary. I can’t begin to say how much the Boer goat industry has meant to me over the past 8 years.

It didn’t take long for me to realize I didn’t want to just show Boer goats, I wanted to have my own breeding program and really invest in the industry. It has given me a confidence to be who I am and a determination to work hard for not only myself but for my herd. I can’t begin to list the people within the industry who have supported me.

My passion is to provide other juniors those same opportunities to grow their skills and develop their herds and their love for this industry. It is my desire to hear the issues that are important to the junior members and serve as the eyes, ears and hands for those members I represent across Area 2 and the entire country.”

Cecelia Knott

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