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“I got started in the goat industry when I was in the 1st grade by showing commercial goats. I have been showing and breeding goats since then. We started out with non-registered, but then we had the opportunity to buy a herd from a registered farm that was selling out. We started our registered goats from there and have grown significantly. We now have about 100 head of goats on our farm.

My goal is to try to help kids in the industry that may not feel comfortable competing in the JABGA competitions. I would be there to help any kid that has questions on how they might better their personal herd and answer questions a kid might have about the JABGA or their region.

The JABGA has really impacted my life by allowing me to meet many new people, strive to reach my goals, helped my public speaking and how to push through and try those competitions that you may be worried about. JABGA has also helped me grow my herd.”

Jiles Coble

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