Want to be a JABGA Member?

“After purchasing my first bottle kid Bella, I quickly fell in love with the Boer goat industry and its people. Over the past 8 years, I have focused on expanding my herd at home and have become passionate about growing the ABGA/JABGA community by helping other youth get more involved.

My goal while participating in the JABGA is to get as many youth to be involved as I can. While I was at the National FFA Convention, most of the FFA members I talked to had Boer goats but hadn't become a member yet. I would love to see many more people like me be a part of this association.

Along my journey with JABGA, I have met many people who have inspired me in a variety of ways. One of them being the embryologist that my family has had the opportunity to work with. Thanks to his passion, one day I aspire to be an embryologist, so I can share my love for goats with others. I am honored to be serving as your JABGA Secretary and would love to answer any of your questions.”

Katelin Baldwin

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