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Jo Stevens currently serves as a Director for Area 5 for the Junior American Boer Goat Association.

Stevens grew up in Cisco, Texas, and now lives in Zephyr. She is currently a junior at Mullin High School in Mullin, Texas. As a fourth-generation farmer, breeding and showing animals like Beefmaster cattle, American Quarter Horses, rabbits, and goats comes naturally to Stevens. She gives much credit to her mother and her agricultural science teacher (ABGA Director Gage Taylor) for guiding her into the agricultural field and, eventually, JABGA.

After her mother purchased a paint Boer doe named, Princess, Stevens became engrossed goat production and JABGA.

She has previously served as a JABGA Director for Area 5. Her younger brother, Wyatt Stevens, also serves as a JABGA Director for Area 5.

Stevens currently serves as the President of the Mullin FFA; the chapter maintains a community garden, which produces fresh fruits and vegetables for the community. She also works as a K9 obedience trainer for Kanati Kennels (her favorite breed to work with is Labradors).

Outside of agriculture, Stevens is interested in zoology, travel, art (painting and drawing), and fashion.

She is still exploring options for her future career, including studying abroad to complete agricultural research.

As a JABGA director, Stevens is excited to watch the industry continue to flourish and hopes to pave the way for more opportunities for breeders in the commercial goat sector.