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  • ABGA Approved Judges | American Boer Goat Association | United States

    ABGA Approved Judges View the list of American Boer Goat Association approved judges. Search by state or name to view the judges in your area. Don't see your name on the approved judges list, or need to update your contact information? Contact the ABGA office. Contact Download a printable Approved Judges Listing ABGA Approved Judges Mike Stiefel Alabama 256-689-8153 Mark A. Berry Arkansas Cell: 870-828-1734 Fax: 870-356-4677 David Carwell Arkansas Cell: 870-318-0307 Warren Thigpen Arkansas Cell: 210-414-3218 Patrick Aliff California Cell: 304-888-6537 Pat Ariaz California Home: 209-852-9606 Cell: 209-969-4307 Dr. Shelby A. Gough California Cell: 503-756-2817 Stephanie Jefferson California Cell: 209-614-5664 Home: 209-840-8214 Mike Reis California 707-483-6303 Derrick Brown Colorado 970-217-7296 Olivia Rush Colorado 215-589-4435 Dr. Jennifer Wagester Colorado 517-526-1152 Next > < Previous Page JUDGES CERTIFICATION PROGRAM Judges Certification Sign-Up Are you over 21 years of age, or will you be 21 years of age as of the first day of the Judges Certification Course? Yes No ABGA Member Number First Name Last Name Street Address Street Address Line 2 City State Zip Email Phone How many years of experience do you have with goats? Do you breed and/or show Boer goats, or have you previously at any time bred and/or shown Boer goats? Breed Show Both How familiar are you with ABGA’s Rules and Regulations? Very Somewhat Not Familiar How familiar are you with ABGA Sanctioned Show Rules? Very Somewhat Not Familiar How familiar are you with JABGA Regional Show Rules? Very Somewhat Not Familiar How familiar are you with ABGA Breed Standards? Very Somewhat Not Familiar Have you judged on behalf of any other species/organizations? Please list them below. I agree to consent to a background check once I am certified as an ABGA Judge. Pay Now This form has reached the maximum amount of submissions. Thank you for you interest in becoming an ABGA Judge. Thanks for submitting! The program will take place on the first weekend in November at: Tarleton State University Agriculture Center 1091 County Road 518 Stephenville, Texas 76401 ​ ABGA Certified Judge nominees must be ABGA members in good standing and over the age of 21 as of the first day of the Judges Certification Program. JUDGES RESOURCES Download Judges Showring Protocol Download Breed Standards Download Boer Goat Anatomy Download Meat Goat Judging Terminology Download Application for Visual Inspection Download Code of Ethics Download Rules & Regulations Download JABGA Regional Show Rules Download Sanctioned Show Rules Download National Show Rules

  • Gestation Calculator | American Boer Goat Association | United States

    Gestation Calculator Boer goats gestate for an average of 150 days. Use the ABGA Gestation Calculator to determine the approximate due date of a pregnant goat based on the breeding or exposure date. Gestation Calculator Exposure Date Expected Kidding Date: The average gestation period for Boer goats typically falls around 150 days. By choosing your breeding or estimated exposure date, you can determine the expected kidding date. It is advised to closely observe does 10 days before and after this anticipated date. Does expecting multiple kids often deliver earlier, while does expecting less kids often deliver later. For the highest likelihood of survival, a doe should ideally be at least 140 days into the pregnancy.

  • American Boer Goat Registry | American Boer Goat Association | United States

    THANK YOU! To all the National Show exhibitors, spectators, sponsors, vendors, committee members, staff, and volunteers; we thank you for your support! We appreciate you, and couldn’t do this without any of you! We’ll see you next year! 2024 ABGA & JABGA Learn more National Show The American Boer Goat Association will protect the core values and traits that make the Boer Goat the premier meat goat breed in America through promotion and recording of the breed. View All Events Upcoming Events Boer Banners Tip Tuesday: Transfers Jul 9, 2024 70 USDA Monthly Grass Fed Lamb and Goat Report Jul 5, 2024 1842 Tip Tuesday: Submitting a Work Order Jul 2, 2024 42 Load More OUR PARTNERS Renew your membership, register and transfer animals, download temporary certificates, view show results, and more! Go to iCompete iCompete Need to submit work to the office, or get in contact with us? Contact us Contact Us or Submit Work Annual Adult Memberships run from January 1 to December 31, and are $60 annually. Join ABGA Join ABGA Renew with your existing email on file with our new member software iCompete. Renew Renew your membership Members and non-members can request DNA testing at a set price from ABGA and UC Davis. Request DNA Request DNA Testing View past ABGA & JABGA Sanctioned and Regional Show results on iCompete. See results View Show Results Office Updates Keep up with announcements, reminders, events, and more from the ABGA office. The office is currently working on work orders received on 7/5/2024. Jul 9, 2024 Tip Tuesday: Transfers Jul 2, 2024 Tip Tuesday: Submitting a Work Order Jul 1, 2024 2024 Board of Directors Summer Face-to-Face View all Office Updates Updated 7/11/2024

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  • 2024 Board of Directors Summer Face-to-Face

    July 12-13, 2024 Angelo State University: LeGrand Alumni & Visitors Center 1620 University Ave. San Angelo, Texas 76904 The 2024 Summer Face-to-Face Meeting will take place from July 12-13, 2024 in San Angelo, Texas. The daily meetings will start at 8:00 AM each morning inside the Angelo State University LeGrand Alumni & Visitors Center. ASU LeGrand Alumni & Visitors Center 1620 University Ave. San Angelo, Texas 76904

  • Tip Tuesday: Transfers

    When a registered goat is sold, it needs to be transferred to the buyer and the transfer must be documented with the ABGA before its offspring can be registered. The original Registration Certificate, signed by the current owner(s), must be sent to the ABGA for the transfer to be processed. The owner(s) listed at the time of sale are accountable for completing the ABGA transfer in full. An Application for Transfer must include the following details: Name, address, and, if available, membership number of each transferee along with the Date of sale. Service date, natural or artificial, and registration number of the buck, if the animal has been serviced (bred). Signature and Membership Number of the individual(s), partnership, corporation, or other legal entity in whose name the service buck is registered. Information on whether females have been serviced naturally or artificially inseminated. If the doe has been serviced by a buck not owned by the breeder, a completed and signed Service Memo from the buck owner is required. Transfer applications will not be processed if any necessary data is missing. Transfer of ownership should be completed on the back of an ABGA registration certificate or ABGA approved transfer form. If the original certificate is not available, a statement confirming its location is needed. Any change in ownership of an animal used for registered breeding purposes must be officially recorded with the Association by transfer. Missing transfers may incur a fee. For animals not registered with ABGA, both registration and transfer fees will be applicable. Tampered or altered certificates, and mistakes In case the certificate is tampered with, one of these steps must be taken: Provide a letter or email from the seller confirming the date of sale along with the buyer's name. For instance: I, John Doe confirm the sale of Bob the Boer, reg # 10900000, sold to Jane Doe on 6/28/2024. Provide a Bill of Sale containing identifying details of the goat bought from the seller. ACCEPTABLE: Bob the Goat, reg # 1090000, sold to John Doe on 6/28/2024. UNACCEPTABLE: Black buck sold to John Doe. The use of correction fluid (White Out) or any other medium invalidates ABGA Certificates of Registration. This includes transfer information written on the reverse side of the certificate. You may "correct" mistakes in the Transfer portion (back) of a Certificate with a single line through the mistake and your initials. See examples below:

  • USDA Monthly Grass Fed Lamb and Goat Report USDA Market News - Goat Reports

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