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We are currently processing work received on September 7, 2022.

DNA Processing: UC Davis’ average processing time is 23 business days.


  • All questions, concerns, and requests for work must be directed to Please describe the situation in detail and include your first and last name and ABGA member number when communicating with the ABGA office by mail, email, or phone.

  • For a complete list of ABGA fees and charges, please see the ABGA Fee Schedule. Submitting members are responsible for paying all fees and charges incurred when submitting work to the ABGA office.

  • Funds cannot be earmarked for specific services or fees. Existing funds will be credited to your account. Money submitted to the ABGA office will go toward any outstanding balances. The entire balance must be paid before the work can be processed. (EX: You submit a check with the work to be completed in-office. If you submit work through Online Live before the work is completed, your funds will count toward the first submitted work.)

  • We do not keep credit card information on file. Please have your ABGA member number and card information ready when calling to complete your payment with the ABGA office.

  • A registered goat’s name can only be changed with a written statement from the breeder and payment of the $10.00 USD name change fee. A goat’s name cannot be changed if the goat has registered progeny. See the ABGA Rules and Regulations for more information.

  • Any requests for DNA on ABGA registered animals must be processed through ABGA. Outside DNA will not be accepted. For more information or to request DNA testing services, please visit our website.

  • If a goat was bought on a paper application, the submitting member of the goat is responsible for paying the registration fee and the transfer fee.

  • Voided certificates cannot be used to check in to an ABGA or JABGA sanctioned show. If you submitted the transfer through Online Live, you can find the temporary certificate under the ‘Reports’ tab. If the transfer was submitted to, you can find the temporary certificate on the Blue Screen. Temporary Certificates are valid for 30 days.

  • If you submit a Live Coverage Service Memo for a failed or pending registration, please attach the matching Request for Information (RFI) form or a written statement and the original work order number.

  • According to Rules 212 and 213, ABGA herd names and herd prefixes cannot be changed once they are assigned. For more information about ABGA herd names and herd prefixes, please see the ABGA Rules and Regulations.

  • Show secretaries have 30 days after the show to submit results. Please reach out to your show secretary if you see points missing or calculated incorrectly in ILR. If your show is not visible in ILR, we may be awaiting placings from your show secretary; please email for more information.


Do you love the Boer breed? Do you want to help JABGA reach new heights? ABGA is currently looking for interested ABGA members to host JABGA Regional Shows in Area 1, Area 3, Area 4, and Area 5 (2022-2023) and Areas 1-5 (2023-2024 season).

You must be an ABGA member in good standing, have previous ABGA sanctioned show experience, and reside in the JABGA Area where the Regional Show will be held to be a JABGA Regional Show host.


Did you notice that the ‘SUBMIT WORK’ button on our website moved? Click the ‘Contact Us’ button on the home page of to submit work to the ABGA office.


Where will ABGA be next? Click below to see the full calendar of events!

September 9 ABGA Office Update

Reminders, upcoming events, and more for the week of September 9, 2022.

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