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REMINDER: Herd Book closes today at 5 PM CDT. All goats being shown at the 2024 National Show must be registered, or in the ABGA office before 5 PM CDT.

Marketing Contest Rules:


What is it?

The JABGA is introducing a new contest this year. The marketing contest is a way for our youth to share highlights of JABGA and all that it has to offer. The contest will highlight JABGA nationals and the regional show series contests that take place in June. It is also encouraged to focus on the location of nationals and all Louisville has to offer.

How to participate?

Members will create a social media post on Facebook, Instagram or both using #jabganationals. Junior members may use their own accounts or may use the account of a parent. The post will be a digital design created by the junior member to market the JABGA national show being in Louisville and all JABGA contests/ show events that take place during this week.

The digital design will be posted online and then a high quality print out of the design will need to be submitted to the JABGA office in Louisville.

  • This contest will NOT be required to participate in the unlock a lock.

  • This contest will NOT go towards points for overall high point in the regional show series.

  • Posts will need to be on social media no later than May 27th, 2024.

  • The Junior members digital design will Not be judged based off of likes or shares from social media.

  • Junior members will need to have a high-quality printout of their digital design and turn it into the JABGA office by Tuesday June 11th at noon. Do Not send the printout to the ABGA office in San Angelo.


Judging process:

To be fully entered into the contest the junior member must have a digital design on social media using #jabganationals and also have a high quality printed out version turned into the JABGA office. All digital designs will be judged, and the winners will be announced at the JABGA awards ceremony. Attendance is required to receive awards.


For more information or questions, contact:

JABGA Marketing Contest

The marketing contest is a way for our youth to share highlights of JABGA and all that it has to offer.

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