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American Boer Goat Association Treasurer, Sam Knott

Sam Knott

Treasurer, Region 8

Sam Knott serves as the Treasurer and sits on the Finance Committee of the American Boer Goat Association (ABGA). Knott grew up in southeast Pennsylvania and was heavily involved in 4-H in his childhood. It was clear from the start that farming and production agriculture would continue to be a big part of his personal life and professional career.

Knott earned an associate degree in Farm management and a bachelor’s degree in Agri-Business from Bob Jones University. He has worked in various leadership roles for several agricultural-based companies that support the American farmer.

While at Bob Jones University, Knott met his wife Carrie, and the two were married in 2001. “She never dreamed she would be a professional goat farmer,” Knott says. The couple have four children, all of whom were born in different states: Cecelia, Micah, Carson, and Kellen. Cecelia currently serves as President of the Junior American Boer Goat Association (JABGA).

Knott and his wife purchased their first Boer goats in 2013, joined ABGA that same year, and now run over 200 head of animals on Boston School Manor Farm in Central Illinois. No one within their family had previously owned Boer goats, but the Knott family has enjoyed raising and showing Boers and making friends across the country through ABGA. One of Knott’s long-term goals within ABGA is to become an ABGA Certified Judge.

Outside of ABGA, Knott currently serves as Vice President of the Illinois Goat Producers Association.

When not crossing the country to show Boer goats, Knott enjoys watching his sons participate in basketball, football, and baseball, and hunting whitetail deer. Knott is also an accomplished barber and enjoys giving haircuts (human haircuts, that is).

Knott is excited to represent ABGA Region 8 on the Board of Directors and improve the ABGA experience for members going forward, as well as find consistent and positive ways to promote ABGA and grow its success as an organization.

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