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Jordan Jelinek is currently the Treasurer of the Junior American Boer Goat Association Board of Directors, where she is proud to represent Area 1. She is currently a Junior at Richland High School but has chosen to graduate a year early to get a head start on her life in the Boer Goat Industry.

Jelinek has grown up in Richland, Washington where she currently runs a herd of over 140 boer goats with her parents. She and her parents found a spot in the show world only a few years ago. Their herd, JDJ Farms, includes fullbloods, percentages, and wether genetics. The Jelineks have shown and sold animals all across the United States; in addition, they have exported animals to Hawaii and the Philippines. While juggling the goat herd, the family also breeds Australian Shepherds and is heavily involved in the FFA Organization.

This is her first year on the Board of Directors. At her school she has served as the Richland FFA President and is currently the Washington District 4 President, and is serving as an FFA National Delegate.

Between her farm and involvement in FFA, Jelinek’s schedule is filled with prepping her animals for shows and breeding while squeezing in several FFA practices. Her freshman year she was Washington State’s first place Creed Speaker. So there is no doubt she believes in the future of agriculture.

Still unsure of where her spot in the agriculture industry is, after graduation Jelinek plans on attending more shows in different parts of the nation. While taking a deeper look at the process associated with becoming an embryologist.

Jordan Jelinek can not be more thrilled to explore new parts of the industry and get involved with more youth and members of the organization.

Jordan Jelinek

Treasurer, Area 1

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