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iCompete News & Updates

Multi-Owned Goats Now Displaying in All Owners Inventory


Sep 27, 2023

iCompete Open: Still in Beta


Aug 4, 2023

iCompete: Please Check Your Owned Animals


Jul 14, 2023

Important: Online Live will permanently go offline


Jun 1, 2023

Creating an iCompete Login and Linking to Your ABGA Membership


Nov 28, 2022

Update on iCompete Technical Issues

We are aware of the ongoing problems with iCompete and are working tirelessly with the developers to resolve them. We understand your frustration and appreciate your patience as we work towards a solution. Below are some of the known issues with registrations that we are currently addressing.

  • Registrations are not immediate at this time. Until we feel iCompete is automatically validating registrations and following all the rules and requirements, registrations will take 1-3 business day to validate depending on the day of the week. (Mondays are our busiest day of the week). If you need your goats validated immediately for a sale or show, please click the Report a Problem button below, and let us know how we can help you.

  • Registering offspring from an unregistered doe (BOER X) not functional. Updated 9/11/23

  • Registering animals conceived from AI Updated requiring service memo Updated 9/11/23

  • Linked Accounts are requiring a Service Memo. Updated 9/18/23

  • Registrations requiring Service Memos are populating the Owner field as the owner of sire instead of the owner of the dam. The current workaround is to change the Owner field and override the Data Validation warnings.

  • Entering service memos is requiring payment for $0.

  • Members can't change owner on purchased bred does. Field is populating the breeder as the owner.

  • Transferring while registering is currently unavailable. This option will become available once we feel iCompete is automatically validating and following the ABGA rules.

  • Members are unable to use credit on file for online registrations. Credit can be used for work orders done in office, or email with the ? numbers you would like to register with your credit. We highly encourage members to pay with their credit cards via our secure Square payment portal.

  • The new Service Memo entry system on iCompete is currently inactive. We are working on getting this new feature up and running as soon as possible.

  • Registering Flush kids not functional Updated 9/18/23

  • Registering animals with an unregistered buck (UBUCK) is currently requiring a service memo.


The "BLUE SCREEN" is no longer being updated or supported. iCompete will be an all-in-one solution that includes registry, competition and shows, and research. You will no longer need two logins to manage your herd and data.

We are currently focusing on making registrations functional at this time. Updates to show data will be addressed very soon.

Please report any issues you are having with registrations that are not listed above by clicking the Report a Problem button below.

New to iCompete?

Check out these step-by-step tutorial to get you started.

More tutorials coming soon!

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