Want to be a JABGA Member?

“I have been showing Boer goats from a very young age. My family and I have attended every National Show since 2010. Each year has been an amazing experience. I have been fortunate enough to meet some amazing people from all over the country which has turned into some long-lasting friendships.

While being in this organization I have learned many things that have pushed me to the next level - not only in my herd program but in personal skills as well. Just to list a few goals I have for this organization:

1.) Make sure every kid is involved. As a girl growing up in Kentucky, I was very shy. JABGA has given me the ability to break out of my shell and become a person who is not scared to talk to anyone.
2.) Give back to this organization. JABGA has prepared me for the real world and has given me the tools in which to succeed in life. By being able to help younger members get involved and succeed gives me so much satisfaction. I love seeing others take that next step into becoming who they are meant to be. What makes the JABGA are the people. I have several mentors who I still look up to.

As a JABGA director, I sit in this position to serve the people. Not only in my area but the organization. I strive every day to make this association the best it can be to prepare a whole new group of individuals to do the same. I also serve as my FFA chapter President. I have carried over traits from both to help the other grow. When I wake up in the mornings and shut my eyes in the evenings I pray and give thanks for being able to be a part of something so great.”

Logan Hollen

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