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iCompete issues have been resolved, and accounts are now  accessible. We apologize for the inconvenience.

It’s been a long process, but we are getting closer! We are still in the testing phase, but some of you have found the green “Register New Goat”. The good news is you CAN register and transfer goats in iCompete, but please understand we don’t have all the kinks worked out yet. Your feedback is welcomed so we can deliver this info back to the programmers to get everything working correctly. (

iCompete Registrations – this testing phase is a TWO STEP process. You will fill out all the required information on the “Register New Goat” page and click submit. If there are no Data Validation warnings, you can then proceed to your cart. Once this is paid, a pending validation number is given (example: ?109008) and an email is sent to ABGA for the SECOND step.

The Second step is the office validation. This allows the office to make sure all ABGA’s registration Rules & Regulations are followed, both by the member and the system. If the system allows registrations through incorrectly, the office will contact the member AND send this info back to the programmers to get the system validation corrected. Examples including but not limited to naming rules, tattoos, etc. Once the office has completed validation, we then release the work and the system gives a full 8-digit registration number, the certificate is printed and mailed, and a temporary certificate is available to the member through iCompete.

Transfers won’t need the office validation step if goat(s) are fully registered (no question mark in registration number)

Once iCompete is running smoothly and validating everything properly according to the ABGA Rules & Regulations, the manual office validation will no longer be needed. The system will simply inform ABGA a certificate is ready to be printed and mailed.

So, please remember while in the TESTING phase, you will not get instant certificates or registration numbers. The office is committed to making this turnaround in a timely manner.

Instructional videos to come! And as always, thank you for your support and patience.

iCompete Open: Still in Beta

You can register and transfer goats in iCompete, but please understand we are still in beta.

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