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The third and final day of our Junior American Boer Goat Association (JABGA) Board of Directors Face-to-Face meeting in San Angelo, Texas is all wrapped up!

JABGA directors kicked off the day with a tour of Denis Ranch Feedlot, in Vancourt; a small ruminant feed mill and custom feeder established in 1973. They house over 15,000 sheep and goats owned by independent producers. John Duke Hudson, a commercial meat goat broker and feeder, spoke about the feed mixes the mill produces and the efficiencies in health and growth they are trying to capitalize on.

From there, the group traveled to the Rocking Chair Ranch owned by Loyd Whitehead. Ranch managers, Randy Wood, and Philip Vinson, along with Whitehead, guided the directors as they worked through pens of 5/8 3/8 Spanish Boer Cross goats. Discussions focused on crossbred versus purebred stock, management considerations, and Boer goat breed characteristics. The group also toured the sale ring space and spent time conversing about the challenges and opportunities facing the Boer breed, as well as the industry at large.

JABGA extends its thanks to the generous people of the Rocking Chair Ranch and Denis Ranch for their hospitality and willingness to share their experiences and wealth of knowledge in animal agriculture.

Directors resumed their business meeting at the American Boer Goat Association offices in the afternoon and capped off the trip with a hibachi dinner.

2022 JABGA Face-to-Face: Day 3

The third and final day of our JABGA Board of Directors Face-to-Face meeting in San Angelo, Texas is all wrapped up!

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