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We are honored and humbled to be selected by our peers as this year’s Ambassador of the Breed. Of all the ribbons, trophies, banners, and titles received through the years, this honor you bestow will be our most cherished. We are Sue and Terry Taylor, and we live in Smyer, Texas, where we own and operate Windy Acres Boers. We have been married for 30 years, are Native West Texans and have three children and three grandchildren. Some 25 years ago, we bought our first goats for our son’s FFA project to show at the county show. Later, we met Darwin McLeod and bought his 12 head of Fullblood registered goats, including a Mojo Magic son and a Pipeline daughter. We will miss Darwin’s knowledge and sense of humor.

This industry has given us the unique ability to help young people with their projects and exhibitions, stay in touch with the many friends we have made, and share knowledge of the breed that others have taken the time to do with us. We take a lot of pride in these animals and are humbled by our success; it is a passion that gets in your blood.

We have had a tremendous amount of help along the way from great friends, but a few sort of stick out. We went to our first show in Goldthwaithe, TX, where we met Wayne Ables. Wayne could see we needed a lot of help, and for years thereafter, he taught us everything he knew about goats.  At that show, we heard the words “flush” and “AI,” which led us to know John and Jackie Edwards. John & Jackie continued to teach and mentor us in the breeding and production aspect of the breed, and with our first flush to Cannon, set the foundation of our program. Later, we met Dr. Robert Dressler, who, with his expertise, helped teach us to develop the marketing side of the business that introduced our program to the industry.  Last yet most importantly, we thank Floyd and LuDean Taylor, Terry’s parents, for their help and support.

Success is determined by those whom you surround yourself with. Everything we have accomplished regarding success in production, the show or sale ring, was because of help along the way, and many individuals have helped us forge our path.

 We have always done our best to repay that and be remembered as givers to those who asked.

Again, thank you for this honor!

2024 Ambassador of the Breed: Terry and Sue Taylor

Terry & Sue Taylor have been married for 30 years, and bought their first goats over 25 years ago.