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By Logan Hollen
Junior American Boer Goat Association Vice President posing with all her ABGA awards.
JABGA Vice President Logan Hollen

When going into any showmanship class the most important thing you want to do is have confidence.

You can grow your confidence by having eye contact with the judge. When having eye contact it allows you to have a connection with the judge, and in hopes, they will remember you and set you apart from the rest.

It’s very important to stay focused on where the judge is located in the ring. This is done by keeping eye contact. By knowing where the judge is at all times will let you have a smoother transition when moving around your goat and will help keep you focused on the class.

This is definitely something that can be practiced at home with the use of a mirror. The use of a mirror in your barn will also help you with feet placement. Judges are very picky on how feet are placed.

This will separate you from 1st place and 2nd place the majority of the time. The quicker you can place feet and be looking back up at the judge is what will push you towards the top of the class.

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