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On February 14th 1994, Charles Turner signed the Articles of Incorporation and our Boer Goat Association was born.

The following is a listing of the original Board of Directors:

Norman Kohls, Garden City, (Eldorado) Texas

Kim Halfmann, Garden City, Texas

Walter Pope, Sonora, Texas

Dian Naumann, Del Valle, Texas

Jimmy Day, Austin, Texas

Don Jackman, Campwood, Texas

Lou Nuti, Burton, Texas

Jane Meachem, Junction, Texas

Ernest Schwartz, Garden City, Texas

Star Keen, Mertzon, Texas

Charles Turner, Dublin, Texas

Buck Pruitt, Campwood, Texas

W.E. Whitehead, Sonora, Texas

Sammy Helmes, Girvin, Texas

Mike Masters, Ft. Worth, Texas

Mary Powis, Alachua, Florida

Steve Quinn, Fayetteville, North Carolina

In the early days these founding fathers/mothers will all tell you it was struggle and it wasn’t easy to build this association! Due to the dedication of countless volunteers that manned the office, along with others that worked long hours and that went beyond just a call. All to the hard work and passion for the breed of the above individuals is the reasons we enjoy the fruits of their labor that we call the ABGA today.

For the past 29 years countless boards worked to further the Boer breed and make our association structurally sound. We have witnessed splinters from the association time and time again, all while we have continued to be strong and grow. All this has been accomplished through dedicated members and directors that practiced hard mental and physical responsibilities!

This year and like every other year we turn our attention to the current board and express a heartfelt gratitude for everything they do and continue to do to make this association better.

They are only continuing progress or correcting previous boards mistakes or discussions.

So have patience, kindness and love. We are only spectators to a much larger picture and never judge someone else until your ready to walk in their shoes.

So to each of you at the ABGA home office and our current BOD. On behalf of myself, my teams and our families at Ash Livestock & Ash Nutrition.

Happy Valentines Day & Founding Day ABGA

Thank you,

Dakota Ash & Family

Happy 29th Anniversary

On February 14th 1994, Charles Turner signed the Articles of Incorporation and the American Boer Goat Association was born.

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