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Anton Ward, a seasoned livestock judge and agricultural expert, was born and raised in the province of Tranvaal, now known as Limpopo Province, in South Africa. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture Animal Science from Pretoria Technicon, which laid the foundation for his extensive career in livestock judging and animal husbandry. Anton moved to the United States in 1993, initially settling in North Carolina, where he lived until 2014 before relocating to Southwest Missouri, where he currently resides.

Anton has been judging livestock since 1988, a passion that has seen him traverse numerous arenas across the United States and Canada. His expertise in the field led to his involvement with the American Boer Goat Association (ABGA) from its inception. Over the years, Anton has judged many major livestock shows, demonstrating his profound knowledge and commitment to the industry. His skills and experience have also been instrumental in training most of the early Canadian judges and many in the U.S., ensuring high standards and consistency in livestock judging. Notably, Anton has judged the prestigious ABGA National Show seven times, with his eighth appearance slated for 2024.

In addition to raising Boer goats, Anton has also been dedicated to raising beef cattle since 2003. His lifelong dedication to livestock, combined with his extensive experience and training, makes Anton Ward a respected and influential figure in the agricultural community.

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Anton Ward

Get to know ABGA National Show Judge, Anton Ward.

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