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iCompete issues have been resolved, and accounts are now  accessible. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Phase 2 coming soon announcement for ABGA's iCompete software

The ABGA office has received several calls about submitting registration work through our new software system. This new system, iCompete, will eventually replace Online Live and the Blue Screen systems. iCompete will be equipped to handle ABGA memberships, renewals, registry work, and show points in a single platform.

At this time, some ABGA members can only view owned animals within their iCompete dashboard (not all members are able to view animals). ABGA staff are working with software developers to fix ongoing issues with iCompete and prepare for Phase 2 (registrations). We will announce when ABGA members can complete registrations, transfers, service memos, and other work through iCompete.

We encourage members to renew now using iCompete to improve and simplify their member experience going forward. Haven't renewed yet? Learn how to renew through iCompete here:

Why Can't I Submit Work Through iCompete?

Registrations will be available in Phase 2 of the iCompete software rollout. ABGA will announce Phase 2 soon, so stay tuned in.

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