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When a registered goat is sold, it needs to be transferred to the buyer and the transfer must be documented with the ABGA before its offspring can be registered. The original Registration Certificate, signed by the current owner(s), must be sent to the ABGA for the transfer to be processed. The owner(s) listed at the time of sale are accountable for completing the ABGA transfer in full.

An Application for Transfer must include the following details:

  • Name, address, and, if available, membership number of each transferee along with the Date of sale.

  • Service date, natural or artificial, and registration number of the buck, if the animal has been serviced (bred).

  • Signature and Membership Number of the individual(s), partnership, corporation, or other legal entity in whose name the service buck is registered.

  • Information on whether females have been serviced naturally or artificially inseminated.

  • If the doe has been serviced by a buck not owned by the breeder, a completed and signed Service Memo from the buck owner is required.

  • Transfer applications will not be processed if any necessary data is missing.

  • Transfer of ownership should be completed on the back of an ABGA registration certificate or ABGA approved transfer form. If the original certificate is not available, a statement confirming its location is needed.

  • Any change in ownership of an animal used for registered breeding purposes must be officially recorded with the Association by transfer. Missing transfers may incur a fee.

  • For animals not registered with ABGA, both registration and transfer fees will be applicable.

Tampered or altered certificates, and mistakes

In case the certificate is tampered with, one of these steps must be taken:

  1. Provide a letter or email from the seller confirming the date of sale along with the buyer's name.

    1. For instance: I, John Doe confirm the sale of Bob the Boer, reg # 10900000, sold to Jane Doe on 6/28/2024.

  2. Provide a Bill of Sale containing identifying details of the goat bought from the seller.

    1. ACCEPTABLE: Bob the Goat, reg # 1090000, sold to John Doe on 6/28/2024.

    2. UNACCEPTABLE: Black buck sold to John Doe.

The use of correction fluid (White Out) or any other medium invalidates ABGA Certificates of Registration. This includes transfer information written on the reverse side of the certificate.

You may "correct" mistakes in the Transfer portion (back) of a Certificate with a single line through the mistake and your initials. See examples below:

Tip Tuesday: Transfers

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