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SAN ANGELO, TEXAS – The American Boer Goat Association is pleased to announce an added incentive program to the wether show by introducing the Boer Goat Advantage (BGA). The Boer Goat Advantage (BGA) wether incentive program will give wether goat breeders the opportunity to register their animals in ABGA’s herd books while donating a portion of their registration fees toward the incentive fund. The Registration fee per wether is $15.00. Five dollars from that fee will be issued toward the incentive fund, which will be utilized to offer cash and other prizes for the ABGA wether class at the ABGA and JABGA National Show and regional shows.

The BGA incentive program comes after many years of unprecedented growth in the Wether Show sector across the United States. ABGA hopes the new program will appeal to youth livestock exhibitors and current Junior American Boer Goat Association (JABGA) members, who make up a greater part of wether goat exhibitors.

Along with many other breed registry programs, the BGA wether incentive program comes with added marketing opportunities both in and out of the show ring. To qualify for the BGA wether incentive program, animals cannot be older than 12 months of age and cannot possess adult teeth. Animals must be tattooed or microchipped. Animal ID will be checked and verified at events.

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