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The goat industry just got stronger with a new agreement between American Boer Goat Association (ABGA) and American Goat Federation (AGF).

ABGA will now provide association administration and management services for the AGF. Both organizations entered into a contract on April 22.

“We have a need for dramatic transformation in the industry and for our members’ agricultural businesses,” said Kathryn Carruth, Executive Director of ABGA. “We need the ability to provide data analytics and services to stakeholders in the markets we work in. By being thought leaders through the understanding of trends, we can allocate resources more effectively to move the goat industry forward.”

Late last summer, Anita Dahnke, longtime AGF Executive Director, informed the AGF board she would like to retire at the end of 2022. Transitional contracts have been executed.

“I am excited for the future of AGF and think this is a strong move in the right direction for all involved,” Dahnke said.

This move will enable AGF to increase activities on behalf of the goat industry as well as members. The transition of administrative duties, including financial, membership, communications, and public relations will take place in the coming months.

Dahnke will continue working with AGF as grants consultant as well as assisting with the transition. Carruth said she is eager for new opportunities this agreement will provide. It allows both organizations to have the staff required to fulfill the similar needs ABGA and AGF have for independent projects.

“This will greatly increase opportunities for the goat industry as a whole, which is a shared goal of all goat associations,” Carruth explained. “We are all stronger together. There is an abundant market that is only barely being realized. The news is out about how efficiently these animals make an end consumer-product. It is an honor to be tasked with helping both organizations realize their goals. This industry is rapidly advancing, and integrated relationships help move us toward common goals.”

As the AGF Board continues its current Strategic Planning process, Dahnke said it is a perfect time to look at all the opportunities for expansion, growth, and change this new agreement might provide.

The new physical and mailing address for AGF is ABGA’s address:

4258 S Jackson St., Suite B

San Angelo, TX 76903.

Their new phone number is 325-716-4500. While the website can still be accessed using, it can also be accessed now just using Their email addresses will remain the same. Carruth’s new AGF email is

AGF and ABGA Join Forces to Strengthen Goat Industry

The goat industry just got stronger with a new agreement between American Boer Goat Association and American Goat Federation.

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