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If you're a breeder looking to register your animal(s) with ABGA, you'll need a unique Herd Prefix, which can be a combination of letters and/or numbers, between 3 and 5 characters. When you apply for a new ABGA Membership, you'll choose your Herd Prefix at no additional cost. Non-members will need to pay a $10 one-time filing fee. Your Herd Prefix will be used for animal identification by tattooing it in the right ear of each registered animal.

How do I choose a Herd Prefix?

  • Choose a unique Herd Prefix that represents your ranch or farm. For instance, if your ranch name is Johnson Ranch and you're located at 123 Main Street, you could choose JR123. But the choice is ultimately yours.

  • Your Herd Prefix can be a word or words, or a series of numbers and/or letters.

  • You cannot change your Herd Prefix once it's assigned, so we recommend providing at least three options in case your first choice is already taken by an existing ABGA member.

Where and how do I tattoo the Herd Prefix?

  • Tattoo the Herd Prefix in your goat's right ear, and ensure that it's done correctly to avoid any issues during registration. You can find more information about tattooing here.

  • If you own the dam at the time of conception of the goat you are registering, you are the breeder. Therefore your Herd Prefix is what you will tattoo in your goat's right ear.

  • If you purchased an unregistered goat on application, you must tattoo the breeder's Herd Prefix in your goat's right ear.

  • One exception to this rule is when you have bought a bred or pregnant dam that gave birth while in your possession. In such a case, you can use your Herd Prefix. Ensure that you obtain a Service Memo from the breeder.

Can I use the same Herd Prefix for my family or children?

  • If you're a family with multiple members, you have the option to share the same Herd Prefix.

  • Junior members can use the Herd Prefix assigned to an adult member residing in the same household and serving as their agent.

Additional Information
  • No herd prefix will be assigned that utilizes one letter followed by a number or series of numbers (example: D4 or R278).

  • Once assigned, the herd prefix and tattoo sequence cannot be changed. Exception: Rule 212F (Rules & Regulations)

  • An ABGA herd prefix may be reassigned in the case of court order, inheritance, or sale of herd prefix by submitting a completed ABGA Name & Herd Prefix Transfer Form and appropriate fee to the ABGA office.

Herd Prefix

Registering Your Animals with ABGA: Understanding Herd Prefixes and Requirements.

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