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Have you been asked to provide a Service Memo, and don't know what it is or where to find one? Let's take a dive into the ABGA (American Boer Goat Association) Rules & Regulations to find out when and why you will need a Service Memo.

First, we need to define what “service” means according to the ABGA’s rules. A service is a mating that may or may not result in a pregnancy, whether by natural service or artificial insemination. In short, a service is a mating.

So, what is a Service Memo? A Service Memo is a form signed by the owner, or lesser, of a buck that indicates service or exposure dates to one or more does. The form requires both the buck and doe’s names, registration numbers, and the doe’s right and left ear tattoos. The form also requires contact information from both the owner of the buck and dam(s). But most importantly, the form must be signed by both parties.

Note: If you own both the buck and doe of offspring you want to register, you do not need to provide a Service Memo.

When do I need to provide a Service Memo? You will need to provide a Service Memo for the following:

  • If a sire of an animal to be registered was not registered in the name of the owner (or lessee of record) of the dam at time of service, the owner (or lessee of record) of the sire must fill in and sign a Service Memo, giving name and registration number of the buck and date of service. If the dam was pasture-bred and the exact date of breeding is not known, the word “pasture” may be inserted in lieu of a date. Note: When leases of bucks are in effect, the lessee(s) is authorized to sign service memos for offspring conceived during the lease period.

  • Transfer of Bred Doe: If you purchased a bred doe, a Service Memo from the breeder (owner of the dam at the time of service) will be required to register offspring. Always ask the current owner if the doe you are purchasing was serviced prior to purchase. If she was bred, have the current owner complete the Service information on the back of the doe’s registration certificate before transfer. When a doe has been transferred after being serviced but prior to the birth of her kid(s), and the service was not reported on the transfer application, the breeder (owner of record of the dam at the time of service) must provide a service memo with all required signatures to register any resulting offspring.

The back of a correctly filled American Boer Goat Association Certificate of Registration.
Back of Certificate of Registration with completed Service information.


Now that you’re familiar with Service Memos, be sure to keep a copy on hand. As your herd grows, so will the need for Service Memos. You can download a Live Coverage Service Memo here:

ABGA Live Coverage Service Memo
Download PDF • 433KB

You can also find the Live Coverage Service Memo, along with all our other forms on our website.

Live Coverage Service Memo

Have you been asked to provide a Service Memo, and don't know what it is or where to find one? Let's dive into the ABGA Rules & Regulations!

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