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“I love serving the association and helping out with the kids,” said Jacob Tipton, who will serve as a National Show Superintendent for the second year in a row.

He gained the experience he needed for being a Superintendent when he was a JABGA member. Being a JABGA Board of Director from 2018 to 2020, Jacob was invited to help at a National Show.

“I started inside the ring, helping the superintendents,” explained Jacob, who lives in Lascassas, Tenn. “I guess they liked me enough to invite me to continue my duties during the open show that year.”

From there, Jacob had the opportunity to sit on the National Show committee. He said this gave ABGA committee members the opportunity to see what JABGA members had to say.

“When I rolled off the JABGA board, I stepped into the National Show committee, Regional Show committee, Youth committee, and Youth Advisory committee,” he added. “I really love continuing to serve this association.”

For Jacob, it’s more than just what happens inside the ring.

“I really love seeing all the members from across the nation,” he said. “It’s about making those relationships.”

He’s ready to make more at this year’s National Show. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

“It’s an honor and a blessing to be a part of something this big,” he said. “It’s awesome to work with other superintendents. I like assisting kids in helping them pursue their dreams.”

When Jacob isn’t helping with ABGA and JABGA show, you can find him at Mt. Juliet High School, where he is an Agriculture Teacher and FFA Advisor.

“I have a heart for the kids,” Jacob said. “I work with kids every day.”

While that’s his day job, Jacob is also co-owner of Tipton Farms, where he specializes in registered Boer goats that he shows and sells all over the nation. Jacob also helps manage his family’s beef cattle and hay production operations.

At just 22 years old, you could say Jacob is putting his bachelor’s degree in Agribusiness and a minor in Ag Education from Middle Tennessee State University to good use.

In addition to the impact he’s made for the ABGA, JABGA, and Mt. Juliet High School, Jacob has been working with USAID and the CRS Farmer-to-Farmer Program to educate, launch, and promote the Boer goat in the country of Nepal.

This is all life for Jacob, who was been involved in agriculture since he was born. While he didn’t come from a show family, he’s been around Boer goats since he was a toddler.

“When I was 2 years old, we got Boer goats,” he said. “I was raised with Boer goats. I knew I would always love them.”

When he bought his first five Boer registered goats, Jacob said he didn’t have that big of expectations of breeding or the ABGA. Boy was he wrong.

“I didn’t know the opportunities until later,” he said. “I fell in love with the show. It started with county fairs and then ABGA shows. All of the breeders took me under their wings. I made a ton of awesome friends. It's been an awesome experience. I’m passionate about the ABGA and JABGA.”

Meet National Show Superintendent Jacob Tipton

“I love serving the association and helping out with the kids,” said Jacob Tipton, who will serve as a National Show Superintendent for...