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Affiliate Member: An association that has paid affiliate membership dues and has been accepted by the Association as an affiliate member.

Agent: A person or firm empowered to act on behalf of another.

Applicant: The individual applying for registration of an animal with the Association.

Applicant’s Tattoo: A sequence of letters and/or numbers assigned to each member to be tattooed in the right ear of animals.

Artificial Insemination: Breeding service using fresh or frozen semen.

Association-Approved Testing: Any test or tests that may be approved by the Board of Directors of the Association from time to time.

Buck: Male goat.

Breeder: An individual(s) who is the owner or lessee of record of a kid’s dam on the date of service.

Doe: Female goat.

Date of Sale: The date on which an animal was offered for sale at public auction or, in the case of private transactions, the date on which a bona fide change of ownership took place.

DNA Profile: A DNA profile or DNA genetic record of the animal is recorded with the association.

Embryo: A fertilized egg flushed from a donor doe. Embryos may be transferred fresh or preserved by freezing in liquid nitrogen.

Embryo Recipient Doe: A surrogate dam that carries embryos transferred from another doe.

Embryo Transfer: The process of transferring an embryo into a recipient doe.

Exhibit: To present an animal to an ABGA judge for placement.

Exhibitor: Owner or individual approved by the owner to present an animal to an ABGA judge for placement.

First Owner: The owner or lessee of record of a kid’s dam on the date of birth of the kid, except in the case of embryo kids, as provided.

Frozen Semen: The semen collected from a Boer buck that is processed and frozen in liquid nitrogen for future insemination.

Genetic Factors: The presence of genes that may or may not produce a certain type of offspring.

Gestation: The length of time from the time a doe is bred to when she gives birth. The industry standard gestation length for Boer goats is 150 days.

Herd Name: A name or series of letters and numbers assigned to an owner. The herd name will be used as the prefix for all goats registered by that owner.

Herd Prefix: A series of letters or letters and numbers assigned to an owner.

Imported: A live animal, semen, embryo, or clone originating from outside of the United States of America.

Kid: Young goat.

Joint Ownership: Two or more members sharing ownership of an ABGA registered animal. Up to four members are allowed to jointly own an animal.

Lease: A contract by which a person allows another person the use and possession of an animal for a specified time period; the document in which the contract is written.

Lessee: The person to whom a lease is given.

Lessor: The person from whom a lease is given.

Member: An individual, partnership, company, corporation, limited liability corporation, limited liability partnership, or other legal entity that has paid dues to the Association and has been accepted into the membership of the Association.

Membership Number: A number assigned to a member by the Association.

Nuclear Transfer Clone: Cloned goats resulting from nuclear transfer of adult cells.

Out of Herd Mating: The parents of an animal are not listed in the same ownership at the time of mating.

Owner: The recorded owner of animal, according to ABGA records.

Owner of Record: The member in whose name an animal is registered.

Permanent Identification: Ear tattoo or tail web tattoo.

Producer: The recorded owner of a cell donor at the time of collection.

Sanctioned Show: Any fair, association, livestock show or exposition that meets the requirements of the ABGA Sanctioned Show Program.

Service: A mating that may or may not result in a pregnancy, whether by natural service or artificial insemination.

Wether: Castrated male goat.

ABGA Definitions

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