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Member Resources

Your resource for ABGA definitions, tutorials, and new member friendly information.

Herd Prefix

Registering Your Animals with ABGA: Understanding Herd Prefixes and Requirements.

Member Resources

Certificate Colors & Herd Books

Ever wonder why your Certificates of Registration are different colors?

Member Resources

How to Submit a Certificate of Registration Electronically

How to send an ABGA Certificate of Registration via email or from our website.

Member Resources

Live Coverage Service Memo

Have you been asked to provide a Service Memo, and don't know what it is or where to find one? Let's dive into the ABGA Rules & Regulations!

Member Resources

Tip Tuesday: Transfers

Check out these tips and rules for transferring your ABGA registered Boer goat!

Office Updates

Tip Tuesday: Submitting a Work Order

Submit work to ABGA office digitally via email or for confirmation within 1 day. Contact if no response to prevent delays.

Member Resources

ABGA Definitions

Discover the most common definitions in alphabetical order used by the American Boer Goat Association. Improve your knowledge of the ABGA!

Member Resources

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